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Principles for designing automated non-standard equipment.


No matter which product you want to get a larger market, you must have very good performance. The relationship between the factors affecting the performance of the product and the production process is very close. Of course, in addition to it, it is also very important for the design of the product. of. Automated non-standard equipment is the same as all products. Before making production, it must have a very clear design concept to determine the style and connotation of the product. The design and manufacture of automated non-standard equipment for the needs of modern industrial development, there are some principles in the design and production process that need to be observed, the following non-standard automated machinery and equipment manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

1. the appearance of the machine is beautiful

Anyone who likes a better-looking product is the first impression consumers have when they choose. Under the same conditions of other performances, consumers will definitely choose an automatic non-standard equipment with a beautiful appearance when they choose.

2. to ensure that the machine is easy to operate

One of the big reasons for using non-standard automation equipment for production is convenience, but if the non-standard automation equipment produced is very troublesome, complicated, and even more troublesome than manual production, this product is definitely not a consumer. Do what you need. Therefore, it is an automated non-standard device that all users need to design a non-standard automation device that is easy to use and easy to use.

3. the structure is reasonable, easy to disassemble

When the machine is in use, it will inevitably lead to failure. At this time, it is necessary to disassemble and repair the non-standard automation equipment. The design is reasonable and easy to disassemble. One is to avoid wasting too much time, and the second is easier to repair.

The emergence of automated non-standard equipment has liberated labor productivity, reduced the labor intensity of human beings, and reduced the input cost of enterprises in manpower. This is a manifestation of the improvement of science and technology. There is a well-designed, well-structured, automated, non-standard device that all consumers really want.

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