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Characteristics of non-standard automation equipment.


Non-standard automation equipment is the designated task of designing and managing the raw materials or blanks into qualified parts and assembling them into parts according to the design requirements under the control and scheduling of the computer. The following non-standard automation equipment manufacturers to tell you about:

1. CNC function or computer control function. The moving parts of the automated non-standard equipment are controlled by digital signals, and the machining instructions and machining codes are obtained by the upper computer, so that the processing equipment of the automated non-standard equipment can be automatically processed.

2, can be integrated. The non-standard automatic processing equipment conforms to the general standard, and can realize data communication and exchange accurately and timely, so that the production equipment, the storage system, the control system and the like work in coordination.

3, a certain flexibility. Non-standard automated non-standard equipment has certain flexibility, can adapt to new product production, and shorten production preparation time.

Industrial automation equipment

4. High production efficiency. In addition to high flexibility, the processing equipment has high production efficiency, good controllability and integration, and meets the needs of automated non-standard equipment and modern production.

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