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What are the characteristics of non-standard automated assembly equipment?


With the gradual increase of labor costs in the past two years, more and more enterprise manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the market of industrial automation equipment. Among them, non-standard automated assembly equipment has received wide attention from everyone, so today, Edited to share with you, the characteristics of non-standard automated assembly equipment. The following non-standard automatic mechanical equipment manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

First, the performance of non-standard automation equipment: the smoothness of the movement, it has sufficient strength and rigidity, can maintain the specified motion accuracy; reliability, equipment under the specified conditions, within the specified time, to complete or maintain its provisions The ability to work is called reliability. The smaller the failure rate, the higher the reliability; the stability of product quality; the retention of processing accuracy; the adaptability to the environment; the ease of use and maintenance, the operation is simple and safe.

Second, the technical performance of non-standard automation equipment; has a certain flexibility, can adapt to a certain range of product specifications, variety changes; has a reasonable degree of non-standard automation. It is necessary to comprehensively consider according to needs and possibilities, and can not blindly pursue advanced nature without leaving the body condition; implement standardization, generalization and serialization; simple structure, easy manufacture, low cost; high productivity, high efficiency, low energy consumption; Materials, especially to save valuable and scarce metal materials; reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions, do not pollute the environment, stress technical aesthetics, create civilized production conditions; leave room for development, and it is possible to improve without causing the whole machine to be abandoned.

According to the logic of the market, the appreciation space of non-standard automated assembly equipment is still relatively large. Non-standard automated assembly equipment can improve the company's technology research and development level and expand the scale of enterprises, and provide enterprises with good development opportunities.

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