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What are the faults in the application process of non-standard automation equipment?


What are the faults in the application process of non-standard automation equipment? The following non-standard automatic mechanical equipment manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

With the continuous improvement of technology and production technology, the field of using non-standard automation equipment is increasing. But now there are still some problems with non-standard automation equipment, mainly because of the external factors and the reasons of the equipment itself.

From the cause of the fault, there are hard faults and soft faults, and the two faults can exist at the same time; in addition, the faults can be divided into static faults and dynamic faults. Static faults are easier to observe and eliminate. It seems that the non-standard automation equipment may malfunction.

1. the power supply has failed

This type of failure is a static failure. Most of these faults occur because the power cable or the ground wire is open, incorrectly connected or caused by poor contact. Of course, it may be because the input voltage of the device or the component of the circuit board exceeds the allowable deviation range. The output voltage caused by a circuit failure of the power supply unit itself exceeds the allowable deviation range.

2. the passive device is faulty

 This situation is mainly caused by the open circuit of the capacitor, the open circuit caused by loosening of the resistor end cap, and the change of the resistance value. If the resistance value changes, the logic value may be blurred. The capacitance value may change, and the decoupling failure, the oscillator frequency change, and the device such as the motor cannot be started.

3.  power supply decoupling

This problem is generally caused by the presence of interference waveforms and normal waveforms. It is possible to use a large-capacity filter capacitor to prevent these interferences by using ceramic capacitors with excellent high-frequency performance.

In addition to these faults, there will be software design failures, equipment design failures, and poor contact. Non-standard automation equipment failures are also difficult to avoid, but you must find out the cause of the problem and find out the cause. For improvement or prevention, non-standard automation equipment will have fewer and fewer faults during operation.

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