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Design points for non-standard automation equipment.


The design points of non-standard automation equipment, Suzhou Hechang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrial intelligent automation equipment manufacturer, the following non-standard automation equipment manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

Design input:

Definition: The process of obtaining all the necessary information for a non-standard robot design work.

Key points:

1. The process requirements must be clarified.

2. It is necessary to clearly define the scope of design and job responsibilities.

3. There must be a drawing of all relevant artifacts or other files that can obtain this information.

4. It is best to be clear about the time and cost requirements of the task.

5. Collect all other tasks as much as possible and keep a record.


Definition: The overall conceptual design of the machine tool is based on the requirements of the design inputs.

Key points:

1. Check if there is an overall general requirement

2. Detailed analysis and documentation of the process requirements of the equipment.

3. According to the process requirements, arrange the sequence of actions of the equipment and analyze the beat.

4. Divide the device into several modules with relatively independent functions to carry out component design.

5. Design as mature and stable as possible.

6. All kinds of applicable models can pass the equipment smoothly when all the parts are in the in-situ state.

Internal review:

Definition: Experts within the organization review and review the overall design of the preliminary design.

Key points:

1. Identify design defects as much as possible to avoid significant losses due to program errors.

2. Various revisions of internal experts need to be finalized by authoritative experts.

Customer review:

Definition: The key individuals who organize the client review and review the programs approved by the internal review.

Key points:

1. Make detailed records of all questions and ideas raised by customers.

2. If you don't understand the customer's question, you should discuss it in time to avoid the loss.

3. Record the part agreed by the customer and the part of the customer's explicit amendment and sign the confirmation.

Refine the design:

Definition: Design all the details and complete all design documents according to the plan adopted by the customer.

Key points:

1. At the beginning of the refinement of the design, determine the long-term purchased parts model and place the order as soon as possible.

2. Check carefully in each view to ensure that there are no interferences on all parts.

3. Make all the details as clear as possible on the drawings.

4. Ensure that each part has a clear material, surface treatment and heat treatment requirements.

5. Perform dimensional chain analysis on critical dimensions to ensure that nominal dimensions and tolerances meet design requirements.

Document review:

Definition: The internal staff of the organization reviews the design documents completed by the refinement.

Key points:

1. Check whether the material selection and heat treatment methods of the parts are suitable and whether the surface treatment meets the requirements.

2. Check that all contact sizes and fit features are correct.

3. Check if the selection of purchased parts is appropriate.

4. Check that the design documents (including assembly drawings, BOM sheets, parts drawings, etc.) are complete.

Put the picture into production:

Definition: Transfer all documents approved by the drawings to relevant personnel for procurement, processing and assembly.

Key points:

1. Make sure that the documentation is fully documented and relevant.

2. Ensure that the required documents are received in the post-production work, such as procurement, processing, assembly, commissioning, etc.

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