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Talking about the standardization of non-standard design.


The importance of standardization work for non-standard design companies is obvious. What are the standardization methods in non-standard design? The following non-standard automation equipment manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

1. Standardization of parts

Parts with high frequency appearing by the designer and subject to standardization review can be used as general parts of the enterprise. If there are many similar parts that appear frequently, you can consider serializing these parts for the designer to choose.

2. Borrowing of parts

After a period of accumulation, the company will have many similar equipment, and their mechanical principles and mechanical structure are similar. So the designer will design according to the previous similar equipment, and may find that many parts of the previous equipment can be fully borrowed. This is actually a kind of standardization, and it can save a lot of time for designers and craftsmen. However, this requires the company to do the management of the drawings, and to ensure the accuracy of the drawings of the factory equipment, so as to avoid errors when borrowing.

3. Try to use purchased parts

Purchased parts are also standardized products, and the large number of purchased parts can shorten the design time and improve the design quality. Some people may raise it, some parts of the company can do it themselves, why should it be outsourced? First of all, due to the high output and reliable quality of the suppliers, they have an advantage in cost. If the company produces and processes its own products, it will cost more than the cost of outsourcing. Secondly, the purchased parts can save resources in the design and processing of the enterprise and fully guarantee the delivery time of the equipment. Of course, this is for companies with short delivery requirements. If the company does not require high delivery time, then the company can decide whether to use purchased parts according to its own situation.

4. Standardization of design documents

When designing drawings, designers must follow the relevant national standards in addition to the company's own design specifications. For example, some typical equipment design points, precautions, drawings, frame requirements, etc., must have standard design documents, give guidance to designers, but also constraints on designers.

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