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How to define a non-standard automation equipment production line?


Simply put, the non-standard automation equipment production line definition is all user-customized, non-market-based automation system integration equipment, which is assembled by unit equipment manufactured according to the unified industry standards and specifications promulgated by the state, according to the customer's use. Need to develop equipment designed and manufactured. Different types of customers have different process requirements. The following non-standard automatic mechanical equipment manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

Classification: Non-standard automation equipment production line classification is relatively vague, its main classification is divided according to customer industry, generally have the following elements: non-standard belt conveyor line equipment; non-standard double speed chain equipment; non-standard chain plate line equipment; non-standard Roller conveyor line equipment; non-standard drying conveyor line equipment; non-standard assembly conveyor line equipment; non-standard automatic plane equipment series. Production of non-standard VCM assembly machine series: The production of non-standard automation equipment is not as simple as the production of standard equipment. The production and production of the standard equipment can be completed according to the specific regulations. Non-standard equipment needs to be designed independently according to the specific place of use, industry characteristics, and use. The design of non-standard equipment has no specific reference type.

Application: Non-standard automation equipment has a wide range of applications due to its wide range of products. The main application industries are: 1. Manufacturing and installation of auto parts in the automobile manufacturing industry; 2. Production and transportation and packaging in the food industry; 3. Product delivery in electronic and electrical production lines; 4. Storage facilities in the logistics industry are also widely used. Application; 5, the application of the manufacturing industry assembly industry.

Maintenance standards: 1. According to the instructions for use of the equipment, establish a reasonable maintenance quota to improve the technical level of maintenance; 2. Check whether the temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, and electric control valve are loose or fall off; 3. Check the temperature transmission. Whether the device has moisture and water ingress; 4. Check the calibration electromagnetic flowmeter.

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