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How to reduce the degree of wear in non-standard automation equipment in daily use?


The non-standard automatic equipment smoothing agent is worn between the friction surfaces due to hard grain wear, surface rust and seizure and tear between metal surfaces. Therefore, in the frictional appearance, the supply of sufficient smoothing agent can form a good smooth condition, prevent the destruction of the oil film, and adhere to the precision of the part matching, thereby greatly reducing the wear. The following non-standard automation equipment manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

A、avoid corrosion, maintain metal appearance

The mechanical appearance of non-standard automation equipment must not be prevented from coming into contact with surrounding media (such as air, water, water vapor, corrosive gases and liquids), causing the metal appearance of the machine to rust, corrode and damage. In particular, cryogenic problems in metallurgical plants and corrosion wear in chemical plants are even more serious.

Smooth oil or grease does not corrode metals and can insulate moisture from wet air and corrosion from non-hazardous media. We apply a layer of oil or grease with anti-corrosion and anti-rust additives to the metal exterior of the machine to protect against corrosion, rust and metal appearance.

B、 lower the temperature

Non-standard automation equipment smoothing agent can reduce the friction coefficient and reduce the occurrence of frictional heat. The work done by our running machines to suppress friction is all converted into heat, which is partially dispersed outward by the body, and a part of the machine is lowered from time to time. The concentrated circulation of the liquid smoothing agent can remove the heat generated by the friction and cool down, so that the machine can be controlled to operate within the required temperature range.

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