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Reasons for the long cycle of non-standard automation equipment.


Many products are now special in production, some general equipment can not meet the requirements of these products, and in order to improve production efficiency, non-standard automation equipment can achieve these special requirements according to actual production needs, and now many companies produce products. The proportion of non-standard automation equipment is also increasing. The following non-standard automatic mechanical equipment manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

The cost of automating non-standard equipment is relatively high, and it takes a long time to see the effect. However, because the profits obtained are relatively high and the research value is relatively high, many manufacturers use such equipment.

The reason why the recycling cycle of automated non-standard equipment is so long is mainly due to the following:

1. The cost of automation non-standard equipment is relatively high.

Among them, there are manpower inputs, time inputs and other material costs, manufacturing research costs, and so on.

2, need to have a relatively high level of technology

Some products are difficult to design machines, and they require certain technical capabilities. Some materials also specify specificity. However, if some parts of the equipment are to be changed, the materials used will also change together, so that the production cost increases.

3, the stability of the equipment must be through the actual use of the product

A complete equipment from the beginning of R & D and manufacturing to the final assembly success, in this process will certainly encounter a lot of difficulties, must be used in the future, to ensure that the equipment can run stably and reliably.

Therefore, non-standard automation equipment must be invested in costs, after which it can be profitable. However, sometimes there will be a lot of investment, and the return is not very high, because the cost incurred in the assembly and manufacture of the later equipment is difficult to recover in the short term. At this time, it is necessary to make the various industries in the enterprise complement each other, so that the follow-up industry can continue to develop.

Non-standard automation customization

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